Эль Маза
This bromance will never end
И я прошу прощения за спам фленты. Но оно должно быть отдельно и должно быть тут.
Потому что это идеальное видео.

We lived together, on the corner, about the scaffle, where the old beggars drank dirty coffee. We'd exchange knowing looks, quietly, the way it's always been. Stand-off, stale me. Her mood depends on where I find her, sometimes there no telling what she knows, or what she's seen. But whatever it is, it's not all washed, and beautiful, that much is certain. Besides, if I knew all her stories I wouldn't be living with her, she wouldn't be living with me, and our tainted affair, wouldn't be so beautiful...Walking in her darkness, I can see her fleeting lowers, remembered with pictures, sometimes forgotten with booze and needles. I was a new lover, once, but I made a choice, I fought for her...I'd like to think, she fought for me

@темы: я надеваю волшебный плащ и волшебную шляпу сажусь на харлея и уезжаю в закат, это моя жизнь и моя смерть, солнце зашло в зенит, любимые мужики, лайф из лайф, вот поэтому я и не женюсь, Сукаютуб., Куда уходят мечты?